Top Kids Bedroom Trends of 2017

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Once your ceaseless schedule of family activities comes to a close during the summer, you will find yourself with some extra time. This time is for vacations, grilling, summer camp, and a occasionally a home improvement project or two. If you’re considering giving your child’s room a makeover during the summer doldrum, take a look at our picks for the top kids bedroom trends of 2017:

Top 8 Kids Bedroom Trends of 2017

1. Metallics

Have you shopped in a children’s lighting section lately? These days retail stores are selling modern bold fixtures with retro metallics spanning silver to gold to bronze. They’re so gorgeous you might end up picking up one for your own bedroom… Metallic accents can also be found in throw pillows or as a finish on accent chairs.

2. Geometric Everything

The “IKEA” look is in. A return to modern, clean lines are turning up bold geometric textile designs including rugs, bedding, and curtains. Geometric-shaped lamps, geometric art prints, and bold pops of color are working their way into just about every piece of decor for children’s bedrooms in 2017.

3. Vintage Revival

Ever since exploded into popularity, parents have been decorating nurseries with vintage or handmade goods that appear to have stood the test of time. There is something magical about stepping into a “classic” bedroom, with muted colonial tones, animal prints or paintings, free of all the plastic and distractions of your typical child’s bedroom.

4. Gray

Specifically: gray and yellow kids bedroom decor. This has been the most popular ‘neutral’ nursery color scheme for going on two years now. Depending on the tone and shade this color palette could be modern (bold Chevron prints) or classic (honey bee patterns on quilted fabrics). Unlike sky blue or cotton candy pink, these versatile colors will grow up with your child and stay through through the teen years.

5. Floor Seating

Wingback chairs are on their way out when it comes to children’s bedroom decor. Whether you have little ones or pre-teens, the trend we’re seeing everywhere is floor seating: cushy ottomans and giant stacks of floor pillows, thick soft rugs and cozy blankets. This look is casual and invites playing, lounging, and — when paired with a low bookshelf — turns any corner into a reading nook.

6. Accent Wall

Enveloping an entire bedroom in a bright color or cutesy wallpaper is so 1985. In 2017, wallpaper in children’s bedrooms is back with a vengeance. However, we’re seeing it applied far less liberally — giving the print the potential to have a relatively short-term application if you change your mind when the kiddos move out. Bold colors are also coming back in the form of accent walls and especially on ceilings.

7. Grown Up Style

As with the 2017 trend in designer kids fashion, we’re seeing downsized adult style in children’s bedroom decor. If it weren’t for the smaller beds and stuffed animals, you might mistake a kid’s room for a master bedroom these days. Unlike generations past, this newer generation of parents is picking one home and settling in, much like their grandparents did. This means they’re looking for nurseries with color palettes and design styles that will grow up with the child, saving on cost and headaches later.

8. Brights and Whites

With the recent trend in “IKEA,” Swedish, and Scandinavian decor, white walls are seeing a big comeback. The stark modern look is paired with a few select bold pops of color in accents like furniture, lamps, and sparse framed prints on the wall.

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