Do’s and Don’ts for Styling Your Child

Fashion Tips for Girls Designer Kids Clothes

When it comes to fashion tips for girls or fashion tips for boys, you’re not going to catch us recommending a 3-inch heel or a skinny tie for your little ones.

We understand that kids fashion has come a long way over the decades, especially in the arena of designer kids clothing. Streetwear for kids in most cosmopolitan cities has moved away from the classic Oshkosh overall and into niche markets. Many of the styles we see in children’s stores are styles that we would wear as adults.

Our kids are exposed to fashion with early access to devices like smartphones and screens of all sizes. They are more aware of trending styles than we were because of our increasingly connected world. But kids should still be kids, right?

It’s easy to go overboard with cute luxury brands for your little doll — believe us, we know! They look adorable in absolutely everything they wear, but it’s up to you to keep them looking good and, most importantly, feeling good.

Timeless Fashion Tips for Kids

Boys Designer Clothes Striped Blue Pullover Shirt

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Designer Kids Clothing Blue Girls Party Dress

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1. Comfort over style, always.

You can have both, but when you have an entire closet full of ‘dry clean only’ tags for your son or daughter, we’re willing to bet your child might feel somewhat limited. When you do choose a girl’s party dress or boy’s suit for a special occasion, check to make sure that the fabric breathes and cut allows your child to run, play, and act like a kid.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Can your daughter comfortably run, climb, bend over, sit, or twirl in her dress?
  • Can your son run, jump, and climb in his dress pants?
  • If your child is potty training, can they easily adjust their outfit without fear of potential embarrassments, eliminating the stress of scrambling for an adult?
  • Are you able to relax during the event, completely free of fear that they’ll rip, tear, or stain their outfit?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions then the outfit, as cute as it may be, might not be practical for your family’s lifestyle. Avoid kids clothes with lots of buttons, ties, and flimsy poorly-stitched flourishes. Design details like buttons can easily fall off or go missing while your child plays or in daily washing. Steer clear of outfits that your child needs a lot of help putting on or taking off. Also avoid items that you yourself are struggling to dress them in. Dressing up should be fun, not stressful!

Designer Kids Clothing Girls Plaid Romper

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Designer Kids Shoes Gold Sneakers

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2. It’s better to underdress than to overdress.

You’re going to a wedding. You want your child to look nice and put together, but if your son or daughter isn’t keen on playing dress up, try not to force it. They’re already partying with a bunch of grown ups which is torture enough!

Eliminate the fussiness and the fight. There are so many casually comfortable options for kids that look fantastic. While it may not be acceptable for you to dress down on someone’s big day, the kids get a pass.

Flower Girl Layers Girls White Tweed Jacket

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Flower Girl Layers Girls Peach Tweed Jacket

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3. Dress your children for the weather.

It’s okay for us to choose to strap on a cocktail dress for New Years Eve and leave the coat behind because we don’t want to deal with the hassle of a coat-check, but our kids can’t make that choice.

If your son or daughter is in a wedding during a season with unpredictable weather, make sure you clear a bride-approved layer or two with the happy couple. While she can ask her bridal party to wear strapless dresses to her outdoor wedding in Vermont in October, it’s not okay for her to expect the same of the flower girl.

Designer Kids Clothing Girls Party Dress Floral Print

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Designer Kids Shoes Blue Leather Loafers

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4. Don’t let them grow up too fast.

From the time they’re toddlers our kids want to do everything that we’re doing. Our little shadows, they want to put on daddy’s shoes or wear mommy’s lipstick. Today there are a lot of fashions out there for children that are a little too grown up. Many that we wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing ourselves.

It’s okay to put your foot down and offer tasteful alternatives that satisfy their desire to “be big” as soon as possible, while still protecting all the playful comfort of their childhood.

Fashion Tips for Girls Designer Kids Clothing

5. Let your kids have input.

While it’s tempting to think of them as your “little dolls” let your kids participate in what they wear. If they’re toddlers between the ages of 2 and 4, start by letting them pick between two options. “Which shirt would you like to wear today? This one or this one?” Making decisions at this stage is very empowering and builds their confidence. It also makes them active participants in their morning routine.

If you have a picky dresser, you can employ the same tactic when you’re shopping for clothes. Let them choose between a few pre-selected options, depending on their age and comprehension levels.

As they get older, let them branch out even if they select a combination you wouldn’t necessarily choose. If they combine pieces into fun and wacky outfits, ask them why they made that choice in a non-judgemental way. See if it’s the way the fabrics feel or the color combinations that they like. Sometimes their answers will surprise you.

While they are our little dolls, they are people with their own tastes and preferences. By asking them questions, you’re helping them articulate their opinions and learning more about in them in the process.

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