Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 2017

Designer Kids Clothes: Kids Fashion Trends Spring 2017

Spring 2017 kids fashion trends, especially in the world of designer kids clothing, more closely mirror adult men’s and women’s fashion trends than ever before. You can still find adorable T shirts with screen-printed animals and catchy sayings, but being on-trend in kids fashion this spring means truly dressing your son or daughter as your ‘mini’. With a variety of age-appropriate cuts and washer-friendly fabrics to choose from, dressing your kiddo can be as easy as it is adorable and fun.

Spring 2017 Girls Fashion Trends for Designer Kids Clothing

If we could sum up both girls and women’s fashion for Spring 2017 in two words they would be: ‘Pretty’ comfortable. Designers are looking to function over style, especially with designer kids clothing which can occasionally come with a surprising dry-clean-only tag (who has time for that every day?).

While the theme is easy-breezy comfort, your daughter won’t have to sacrifice all the girly lace she adores. Those fun girly details she loves are reflected in feminine prints and colors that pop and washer-friendly ruffles in light low-maintenance fabrics.

Wide Leg Girls Pants, Kids Designer Clothes

photo credit: Emile et Ida, Sirwal Pants

1. Wide Leg Pants

The major fashion trend for Spring 2017 is wide-leg pants and we couldn’t be more thrilled. With the airy flow of a maxi-skirt and the easy functionality of pants, these Sirwal Pants from Emile et lda will keep your daughter comfortable during those fluctuating spring temperatures while giving her plenty of mobility to leap around the jungle gym uninhibited.

Unisex Yellow Leather Shoes, Designer Kids Clothes

photo credit: Manuela de Juan

2. Shoes with Bright, Bold Prints

Move over, patent leather Mary Janes. Your daughter has places to go and things to do. Another playground favorite, these adorable yellow leather zebra-print shoes from Manuela de Juan will have her skipping around in the sunshine while protecting her toes and letting her tootsies breathe. All the bright, bold prints that are so popular for Spring 2017 will appease even the girliest budding fashionista.

Ruffle Denim Overalls, Designer Kids Clothes

photo credit: Airfish

3. Redefining Femininity in 2017

It’s no surprise that this return to comfort over fashion is a statement from designers regarding the resurgence of the topic of women’s rights and gender roles. That trend will be reflected in most if not all of the playwear that hits the market for your little girl for Spring 2017. One of our favorite examples of this trend is this gorgeous Blue Denim Hart Jumpsuit from Airfish. The traditionally masculine concept of “overalls” is updated with the current trend of wide-leg pants featuring an ultra flare and a sweet and sassy ruffle detail with a heart. The choice of denim makes it another low-maintenance look that will hold up in the washing machine after a long day of play.

Spring 2017 Boys Fashion Trends for Designer Kids Clothing

The overall theme for boys fashion in the Spring 2017 season is ‘high contrast.’ This can mean a contrast in colors, textures, or lines. Mixing and matching different materials or different concepts (such as bringing the outdoors in) are all fair game for boys fashion this spring. Below we have featured three of our favorite examples of this high-contrast fashion trend in designer kids clothing.

Western Denim Shirt, Boys, Designer Kids Clothes

photo credit: Aston Martin

1. Couture Outdoorsman

No cargo pants here — though they are also making a comeback — one of the many ways designers are playing with ‘high contrast’ is by dressing up outdoorsy playwear. Denim shirts like this one from Aston Martin will keep your kiddo warm on the cooler spring days. The dressed-up nature of the collared shirt plus the fun western cut and details make it appropriate for the playground or a lunch with Grandma.

Boys Padded Leather Jacket, Designer Kids Fashion

photo credit: Aston Martin

2. Contrasting Textures

This is a brilliant example of the texture trends we’re seeing in boys and mens clothing alike in Spring 2017. Much of the fun detail in the new designer kids clothing lines centers around the shoulders and this gorgeous sporty jacket from Aston Martin is no exception. Soft, warm, and functional this is a must-have layer that can be dressed up or dressed down for your little man.

Boys Navy Blue Stripe Sweater, Kids Designer Clothes

photo credit: Aston Martin

3. The Triumphant Return of 1990s Streetwear

Finally! From the wide-leg pants, platform sandals, and return of luxurious FILA track suits, the 1990s are back, baby! The shoulder-enhancing horizontal block prints on sporty pullovers has made a comeback with the trend. Again, focusing on high-contrast, this bold Aston Martin geometric print sweater has a flare of the ‘90s but updated with a pattern reminiscent of a V-neck for Spring 2017.

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