Get ready to celebrate Spring Festival

Spring Festival is one of the most joyous times of the year. It is a time to reconnect with family, bring good luck for the new year and take part in performances.

There are many traditional activities to take part in during Spring Festival.These include watching the lion and dragon dances, visiting the temple fairs and gifting red envelopes.

Many people will also buy new furniture or new clothes.

This symbolises the new beginnings the Spring Festival brings.

If you want to buy new clothes as part of your Spring Festival celebrations, you should browse the designer children’s clothing from Angelibebe.

We work with the most exciting fashion designers from all across the world. This means you are sure to find exactly the right clothes for your kids.

Your darling daughter will be the belle of the ball at the family reunion dinner in the Nikolia Daughter of the Goddess dress! This red velvet dress will be a highlight of your daughter’s Spring Festival.

Or how about the range of alternatives from Angelibebe?

The Coccinelle Akio Dress from Amelie et Sophie features beautiful red peony flowers, while the red Leopard Bow Dress from Mini Rodini highlights the designer’s affinity for animal print. The red Solar Eclipse Princess Dress from Bobo Choses is a versatile option, which can be easily accessorised.

And for your son, check out the Sebastiao Soda T-shirt from Wolf & Rita. Wolf & Rita is an innovative designer, and the red soda can print  is a fun addition to this T-shirt.

Even if your kids spill their dumplings or rice cakes, designer children’s clothing from Angelibebe is durable and includes simple washing instructions. After all, no one expects kids to keep their clothes clean.

Just browse our range of designer kid’s clothes and find the right new clothes for the Spring Festival.

However you welcome the Year of the Tiger, everyone at Angelibebe wishes you surplus and abundance year after year.

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