How To Stay Connected As A Family


Life nowadays for families is chaotic to say the least…with parents working, kids studying, extra-curricular activities and more, the less and less time we actually spend together connecting, as opposed to feeling like passing ships in the night.

It’s really important to stay connected as a family, really connected, and we’re not talking about text messages to each other, or chatting over Facebook, we’re talking about real time being invested in each other. A connected family is a stronger family.

Here are a few ideas to keep you connected as a family.


The Family Note Box

This is a great way to stay connected with each other, especially if you as parents travel a lot or do shift work. If this is the case, getting together every night over the dinner table just won’t be a viable option. Create a box that has a hole in it. Everyday leave a note in it for your kids. At night, before they go to bed, they can read one of the notes and then create one of their own for you.


Make Use of Technology

When you’re all in the house at the same time, then clearly you won’t be making use of technology, however, when a parent is travelling then stay connected with Skype and make sure that you use video calling so that you can all see each other at the very least. It’s a great way to stay connected and find out how the family is doing.


Plan an Outing

You should plan an outing as a family at least once a month. At the beginning of the month sit down as a family and throw some ideas around as to where everyone wants to go and what you want to do. Then take a vote on it and plan the outing. Make sure everyone’s ideas get heard and if they don’t then their turn can come up next.



Volunteering as a family is a fantastic way to connect and you’ll be helping others too. Your children will learn the values of giving back, which is a life lesson worth teaching. Sit down as a family and discuss all your interests. Are you passionate about the environment, helping homeless people or even helping animals in need? Figure out what your interests are as a family and look around your neighbourhood for opportunities that you can all do together.


The Family Dinner

Make sure that at least once a week you all sit down to a meal together, but make it fun! Make sure that you don’t all just sit there – you could buy a game and after your meal is finished you could all play a game together. You can even just talk to each other about how everyone’s day was…this is normally a good conversation starter. If your kids are hesitant about sharing, share first yourself and they’ll soon follow your lead.


The most important thing to remember is that everyone needs to know that they are a special part of the family and always make your memories fun so that they last! How do you stay connected as a family? Do you have any other ideas?

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