Must-Have Family Travel Apps


It’s that time of the year where school’s out and you might be planning your next vacation.  Here we take a look at some must have family travel apps to keep you and the kids happy and entertained too!


Google Maps

Google Maps is great for getting around and your kids can also see cool attractions on the map and learn a bit of geography at the same time too. Show your kids how to use Google Maps so they can help you navigate your way around where you’re going and let them see great landmarks and have a say on where they want to go.



Pictello is a great way for your kids to create and share storybooks and memoirs of their vacation from all the photos that are on your device. It’s easy to use and takes you through the whole process from start to finish, and once you’re done, it’s just as easy to share! This is a great way for kids to really enjoy their vacations and share them with friends and family.




If you’re travelling around the States this is a must-have app.

You can search for nearby for family-friendly activities, from free events to worth-it attractions. Use the app to decide what to do each day, based on the weather or the type of entertainment your kids want and need, and scroll through reviews written by parents who’ve been there. So instead of paying $20 apiece for entrance to the big museum, you can locate just-as-fun spots with zero admission, saving a family of four a whopping $80. Once you’ve used Yuggler you’ll be lost without it!



Feel like you should send a note to Grandma and Grandpa but don’t want to pay for a cheesy postcard and deal with getting it in the mail? Postagram turns your iPhone or Instagram snaps into postcards. Upload your image, type in a quick message, and place your order. The app prints your postcard and mails it to any address in the U.S. for arrival within a week—all for only $1 (though you still need to buy the stamp). Pretty neat stuff!


My Disney Experience


This is an absolute dream app if you’re travelling around Walt Disney World. It’s the official Walt Disney World app’s interactive map, which uses your device’s GPS, helps you find restaurants, restrooms, and attractions nearby. You can also access real-time wait times for popular rides and a current schedule of parades and character appearances, meaning you’re making the most of your time. My Disney Experience doesn’t net you a discount—but it will certainly save you your sanity.


Mouse Wait

You want to use your time effectively, so when you want to explore different sections of the park we recommend the MouseWait app to find the rides with the shortest lines. MouseWait also lets you know when certain rides might be closed so you don’t have to charge to another area of the park only to be disappointed. It even works out the time in food lines too.


Ride Max

RideMax is another app for Walt Disney World and Disneyland attractions. Similar to MouseWait it finds the rides with the shortest wait times so that you don’t have to wait in line for too long. You get to choose your destination and a date, then your attractions and RideMax will give you loads of different itinerary options. The best part is that you can change it on the go if your plans change.


Gate Guru

Making long layovers and annoying delays just a touch more bearable, Gate Guru locates amenities within airport terminals, so you know just how far of a walk it is to the play area or the family restroom. The app also features discounts at airport shops and even last-minute car rentals. A recent search showed reserving a car through the app (which then books straight through the rental company) can save you around $7 to $10 a day. Genius!


Open Table


Book restaurant reservations through the app (or the website), and you’ll earn “points” for each meal. The average reservation will get you about 100 points—worth a buck—but some spots offer 1,000—that’s $10 a seating). Cash out, and OpenTable sends you a gift card to apply to a future tab. Filter by cuisine, price, and distance to find a spot the whole family can agree on—then scan reviews to gauge kid-friendliness, noise levels, and more.


We hope you’ve found this list useful and that it will make your family travels much easier and far more interesting. Are there any apps that you feel we’ve left off?

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