Smart Tips When Buying Clothing for Your Boys


What are your dapper toddlers dressed in?

When you have young boys, buying clothing for them becomes a frequent activity as they are constantly outgrowing their clothes or wearing them out. You can buy them a new wardrobe and only a few months later the trousers will be too short, the shirts will have rips and everything will have been washed hundreds of times to get rid of grass stains, mud, food and other dirt.

Because rambunctious boys are hard on their clothes, it’s important to find good value clothing that will last as long as possible. If you are looking to buy some new clothing for your boys, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Take Stock of What You Already Have

Take stock of your child’s current wardrobe before you go shopping, so that you don’t accidentally come home with something that is very similar to what they already have. It is also a good idea to go through the closets and drawers every few months to get rid of what is worn out or too small. If it is in good condition you can donate it to a second hand shop or a charity.

Choose One Size Up

Young children grow extremely fast. Always go for clothing that is one size larger than your son’s actual size. He will grow quickly and he can always roll up the cuffs of the pants or the sleeves of the shirt for a month or two. Sooner than you know it, the item of clothing will fit him perfectly. If you buy clothing that just fits him now, you might find that he will grow out of it too quickly and you won’t get your money’s worth.

Pay Attention to Online Store Promotions


To find great bargains pay attention to the dates when our ecommerce site will be offering online promotions. Sometimes on sale events you will find high quality clothing that is discounted to a fraction of the price. This is a great time to stock up on a lot of items for your child’s wardrobe. There are certain times of the year when sales are common, such as back to school, Christmas or springtime. Check online to see when our next promotion will be and do a price comparison so that you can find the right rates.

Go For High Quality Materials

When choosing clothes for a young boy, go for sturdy and durable materials that will withstand his adventurous and playful nature. Look for denim, high quality cotton and other materials that will be easy to wash, long lasting and not rip easily. Also, the materials should be machine washable, as he will inevitably get his clothes dirty.

If the clothing item is something that your child will wear a lot, it is worth investing in it and paying a little bit more for clothing that is made of superior materials. Consider how many times your child will wear the clothing and figure out whether the price-per-wear is reasonable.

Buy Duplicates


If you find an item of clothing that works perfectly for your child, such as the ideal easy to wash cotton shirt or a pair of sturdy denim trousers, you might want to consider buying two or more (especially if the clothing is at a good price). You can rotate the items and get much more wear out of them and your little boy won’t mind having two of the same clothing items!

However, don’t go overboard and buy too many copies – or your child will grow out of the item before they are worn out.

If your son absolutely loves an item of clothing that you just purchased, consider heading back to the store and buying the same item in one size up – so that he can keep wearing it as he grows.

Go for Simple Designs

Most little boys are interested in running, playing and wrestling with their friends and they don’t care about buttons, zippers, collars, embroidery or other clothing embellishments. If anything, these details will get in their way and annoy them. Your best bet is to look for simple clothing such as plain t-shirts, jeans, simple polo shirts and sweatshirts. They will look clean, basic and simple and they will not get in the way when your child is playing.

Remember these tips when buying new clothes for your boys!

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when you are buying clothing for your young boys. It can be a challenge to find clothing at the right price that will fit well, last a long time and stand up to your boy’s energetic lifestyle – but with these tips shopping for your little boys should be a little bit easier.

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