Sustainable fashion for kids

Everyone should try to live as sustainably as possible, from buying locally sourced food, to choosing fashion brands that use sustainable materials.

At Angelibebe, we are proud to work with some of the most innovative, ethical fashion brands on the planet. These brands work tirelessly, to source materials that don’t damage the planet.

Some of the most sustainable kid’s fashion designers include:


Since Veja sneakers were launched, the label has tried to minimise their use of plastic and oil-based materials. Their vegan sneakers use organic and all-natural materials.

Veja works closely with small-scale suppliers. This allows them to guarantee materials are sustainably sourced.

Veja sneakers are sustainable, durable and stylish.

Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini are one of the most innovative children’s wear designers around.

One of the many ways they reduce waste is by upcycling leftover material. These left over fabrics, which may have been destined for landfill are instead turned into new clothes.

Using organic cotton reduces the brand’s use of pesticides.

The Animals Observatory

The Animals Observatory is driven by their manifesto, which has sustainability at its heart.

The brand uses organic cotton. When designing new lines, at least 20% of the cotton used is recycled from previous ranges.

They work with local suppliers whenever possible – a further step to reducing their carbon footprint.

Animals Observatory swimwear uses recycled plastic that has been cleaned from the ocean.

Wolf & Rita

Wolf & Rita is one of the most exciting childrenswear designers in the world.

One of the many ways they promote sustainability is by working with local suppliers. This means they can monitor how materials are produced.

While the next generation may be one of the most environmentally conscious there have ever been, children are generally more motivated by comfort and fun when choosing clothes, rather than the materials used.

But you can combine fun, comfort and sustainability by choosing some of these brands from Angeliebe.

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