The Best Museums in the World to Visit with Kids – Part 2


Here we continue our list of amazing museums to visit with the kids! Enjoy.


The International Spy Museum, Washington, DC


Well first and foremost just look at its name, perfect for the budding spy in your life! And here you need to take on a cover identity (yes Mums and Dads you too). There’s a ‘School for Spies’ exhibit which shows recording bugs, buttonhole cameras and they can learn about all the secret antics in the cool world of spies. There’s also an awesome gift shop that you and the kids won’t be able to resist…anything a spy could want. This place has definitely got the cool factor!

For more information check out their website


Natural History Museum, London


Meet a life-sized blue whale, a roaring T-Rex and a gigantic crocodile! Visit the Darwin Centre and get the kids involved in the science lab, or even get shaken up in the earthquake machine! That just might be for the kids! There is so much here, you’ll be amazed.

Check out their website for more information


Children’s Museum of Houston


The Children’s Museum of Houston has over fourteen exciting galleries. Your kids can explore hydro-power, or learn about ecology at the museum’s EcoStation, or visit a city “for kids, run by kids” called Kidtropolis, discover dragons and fairies, join they cyber squad team to hold off hackers and so much more. Get there if you can!

Check out their website for more information


The Children’s Museum, Brussels


The Children’s Museum in Brussels, Belgium has absolutely loads of interactive exhibits to help kids learn about themselves and others! They’ve got super cool topics like imagination, communication, self-confidence and the five senses, and these are explored through play. We think this is an amazing idea! For example, “1001 Landmarks” teaches kids how to find their way around and promotes self-growth, while “The Family Super Market” highlights family values. They can even learn to cook, build wooden structures, produce a television programme or be a superhero for the day. Now this sounds like a place to visit.

Check out their website for more information


National Science and Technology Museum in Taichung, Taiwan


This museum is often touted as one of the best of its kind in the world. There are hands-on exhibits, an IMAX theatre and interactive exhibits where kids can get involved in the world of science and technology in a very cool way. They can explore the greenhouse and gardens to learn about natural sciences, watch animated T-Rex and Velociraptors in action, view small reptiles in a mini zoo, create their own whistling wheel, learn about food preservation by canning their own goods or perform experiments with light to see how it moves. There is certainly a lot here.

Check out their website for more information


The National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York


There is certainly something for everyone here! If you’ve got a superhero fan they can grab a cape and head to the Super Powers School at the comic book exhibition. If you’ve got a Sesame Street fan they can take a seat on the famous 123 stoop. And yes parents there’s something here for you too, take a trip down memory lane in the Toy Hall and Fame. Oh but that’s still not all, there’s a huge coral reef and aquarium and a rainforest garden with over 1,000 butterflies.

For more information check out their website


Science Center NEMO, Amsterdam


There are over five floors of interactive exhibits, simulations and experiments that answer questions like “What will I look like in 30 years?” and “How does lightening work?” Kids use their sense of smelling, hearing, feeling and seeing to learn how the world works. One exhibit is ‘The Search For Life’ where kids can discover extra-terrestrial beings, how life began and the difference between living and lifeless objects. There’s also Space Shower, where children can view mysterious rays from space.  This sure has great kid appeal.

Check out their site for more information


Have we missed out any museums that you think are awesome for kids? Let us know!

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