The Best Museums in the World to Visit with Kids – Part 1


Normally if you mention the word ‘museum’ to your kids they will moan and groan, picturing a bleak place that you just walk around and see random things. But, there are some amazing museums out there that have got the perfect wow factor for kids. Here we take a look at the best museums in the world to visit with your kids. Welcome to part 1, and take a look at part 2 coming up next week. Get ready for the best experiences ever!


The Discovery Center of Idaho, Boise, Idaho


In this museum, well pretty much everything appeals to kids from a bubble wall to a robot that spells believe it or not or your kids can lift themselves six feet into the air with the arm break chair which uses pulleys to lift them up. The kids can also build large structures with Keva blocks. There’s a load to learn here, but fun is the keyword when you visit this awesome place. They pride themselves on encouraging lifelong learning through STEM activities. Their current exhibition is called Zap! and kids will find hands-on kiosks and experiment stations that explore energy generation and transformation, distribution, and use. There’s a generator, solar powered cars, wind turbines and much more. This museum is awesome.

To find out more visit their website


The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois


Even if your kids don’t enjoy science, this museum will get those brains ticking. If they think test tubes and a crazy professor who yells a lot, they can think again, as this is where Science gets some kudos as cool! They can learn everything here in a seriously interactive and engaging way; they won’t even know that they’re learning!  They’ll learn about the body and how it moves by running on a giant hamster wheel, how awesome is that? They can even see a Science Storms exhibit, which shows natural occurrences, like seeing a virtual fireworks display in the fireworks section! Awesome.

To find out more visit their website.


The Phoenix Children’s Museum, Phoenix, Arizona


Well to start off there’s one massive 37 foot climber which is made of tubes and stairs which both you and your kids can explore. You’ll have a blast. It’s made from objects they’ve found, building materials and other stuff. But how is this to up the cool factor? There’s a flying bathtub and a recycled rocket in the climber. For the car lovers in your family, they can visit the Pit Stop exhibit to launch off racers and watch in wonder as they soar!

Check out their website for more information


The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This is Science wrapped up in a cloak of coolness. They show the world of science through exhibits, but there’s more than just exhibits here! In these exhibits about water, light and earth, your kids become superheroes, who battle Lord Chaos, or they teach biology through a giant walk-through heart model. This is one place to go with the kids for sure!

For more information visit their website 

The Magic House Museum, St Louis, Missouri


There is so much for the kids to do here…kids can make music, play with bubbles, solve a mystery and learn how to build, all in one place. Sounds pretty awesome. There’s a Children’s Village which is literally a little village for well the little ones. They can be shopkeepers, mechanics and nurses in this pint-sized community. They can also go to the adventure centre and blaze a trail like a famous explorer!

Check out their website for more information


Don’t forget to look out for Part 2 next week.

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