10 Awesome Things to do With Your Kids this Summer


Summer is here and it’s time for sharing some magical moments with your kids as the days are warmer and perfect for some outdoor fun! Here we take a look at 10 awesome things to do with your kids this summer. Enjoy!


  1. Gardening Bonanza

Get the kids outdoors and let them create their very own special garden – they can dig in the soil, get rid of all the stones and get it perfect for planting. They can even turn their garden into a fairy delight or for the boys make roads where they can play cars on in their special garden. There are loads of different things that you can do to make it their special place and at the same time, they’ll learn to have a greater appreciation for nature as their plants grow.  You can even get them involved in watering, weeding, raking and other cool activities which they’ll just love.


  1. Dress-Up Fun

There’s nothing like some dress-up fun. Get out some clothes and props like funny hats, material for capes and masks, old jewellery, handbags or anything that you can find to turn your young lady into a princess or a young man into a superhero. Once you’re done dressing up, why not let the kids put on a play for you for some added excitement.


  1. Cool Car Wash

Here you can either use the real family car or if your kids are a bit younger they can wash off their bikes or cars. Get out a big bucket of soapy water, some sponges and of course the garden hose to make sure that everyone gets wet and has a blast!


  1. Secret Fort Excitement

As a kid there is nothing better than building a secret fort and hiding out in it. Get together some sheets and blankets and let the kids find a tree that they can hang their sheets over to make their own special place. Get them to bring in their toys and some snacks and they can hang out and have some fun. Stay in the fort at night time and watch the stars, or get a camp fire going and roast some marshmallows while gazing into the skies.


  1. Volunteering

Do some research on what’s available in your area where you and your kids can volunteer for a morning and help those less fortunate. You could visit a soup kitchen, a local animal shelter or even an elderly home and show your kids the art of giving.


  1. Create a Band

Why not let your kids create their very own band. You don’t need to have proper musical instruments to do this, you can literally use stuff around the house like pots and pans, glass bottles, plastic bowls or anything you can find that will make a noise. The kids will love putting on a show for you with their awesome music.


  1. Explore a Museum

Find a great science museum or any other fun museum in your area and go on a fun-filled day of adventure where the kids will have a blast and they’ll be learning at the same time.


  1. Water Balloon Fight

There’s nothing more fun than having a good old fashioned water balloon fight. Bring on those balloons and watch the whole family shriek in delight.


  1. Go for a Nature Walk

Grab some binoculars and a camera and head out on a nature walk. You can go to your local park and let the kids hunt around for some bugs, creatures or anything else that they can find. Let them take photos of their findings and then create a journal of their nature walk.


  1. Make a Lemonade Stand

Kids love this activity. Get together all your supplies and make some lemonade – then bring out the young entrepreneur in your kids and get them outdoors selling their lemonade to passers-by. While having fun, they’ll also be learning about money and the great art of selling!


There are our top 10 summer activities. Do you have any others that would make the list?

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