Raise your Hands if you want more Time in your Day!


Well we certainly can’t see if you’re raising your hand, but I’m sure that most of you are…which parent doesn’t want more time in their day, to feel a bit more relaxed and in control. I know I certainly do, and I’ve managed to claw back some time, and I’ll show you how.

As parents, let’s face it, we’re busy. ALL. THE. TIME. It never seems to stop as we rush from one chore to the next, getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches, screeching around to get them there on time, getting homework done, dragging the kids around the shops with much screeching and resistance, cooking dinner, washing, ironing…should I go on? You no doubt know the score.


So how in the world am I going to show you how to grab back some much needed time in your day? Well as I said, I’ve managed it, and my little secret weapon…shopping online. You might be wondering how in the world I save time, but trust me when I say that it does. I’m personally a big fan of online shopping as not only do I detest the shops, but dragging my child around the shops is like pure torture. What could have been a half hour excursion turns into an hour or two long battles. No thanks, not for me. I open up my trusty computer and I’m off. Let’s take a look at the time saving glory of online shopping, oh and by the way, just to tempt you even more, you can save quite a heap of money too.

Online shopping avoids the dreaded car park, the awful queues, the whining or moaning child, and lets you sort out your shopping quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home, giving you back more time.

Organise your Online Shopping

When you first start online shopping, it can actually be a bit of a time drainer, as you learn to navigate your way around the sites and finding what you want. Big brands have made online shopping relatively easy, and once you’ve got the hang of it, it will work well for you, saving you loads of time, that you can actually give back to your family. Sounds good doesn’t it? No more Saturday excursions to massive shopping malls overflowing to the brim with people!

You need to get yourself organised when you do online shopping and plan ahead. Work out what you want before you start and make sure everything is on your list.

There is a very simple beauty to online shopping, once you’ve set up a master list with everything you buy, it becomes straight forward. You can set up a list that is there each time you log in. When it comes to shopping for clothes for your little ones, you don’t have to drag them from shop to shop, trying on everything they see and dealing with a tired and irritable child at the end of the day. It’s a win-win situation. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, clothes for your child, or even furniture, shopping online will save you time in the long-run. I can guarantee this.

Tip One


This is a big one. First of all you avoid the queues, which no one likes, but you also don’t buy unnecessary things, which saves even more time. You go online, purchase what you want and arrange a suitable day for delivery…done! You won’t be tempted by items you don’t want or need. So, a money saver too!

Tip Two

If you’re going shopping, it’s hard to carry bulkier items as you have the kids in tow too, probably nagging for a new toy, getting irritable, maybe even a temper tantrum or too as well. When you order online, you won’t have the challenge of dealing with bulkier items and the kids too. It will get delivered right to your door, in super speedy time. The great thing about online shopping too, is you can take advantage of specials, buying what you want, and not having to carry them round from shop to shop. Taking advantage of specials, of which there are many online, will mean saving money too. I’m a bargain hunter and I sign up to many newsletters, to see what specials are on, I’m online and I’m sorted.

Tip Three

If you’re looking for something extra special, like clothes for child as an example, for a special occasion, it is easy to shop online and save money. You don’t have to find boutique stores, and run around from one shop to the next. You can go online, find the items you want, and order them, hassle free, saving a LOT of time. Most stores offer free delivery within certain areas, they also have great returns policies and you know that payments are secured.

Tip Four


Get coupon codes via email, instead of having to try and find them. Sign up for newsletters from your favourite stores, and you’ll have the coupon codes right there, and you’ll be the first to know. This saves you time, as it is delivered straight into your inbox, instead of having to hunt around for specials.

Tip Five

Ever had a particular brand in mind, yet you can’t find it in shops, it’s highly likely that you’ll find it online. I have ordered items that I can’t get in any shop around me, and had it delivered right to my door without a single hassle at all. At least I know that I can get what I want, and when I want it.

These are my top tips to saving time by doing online shopping. If you haven’t joined the millions of people doing it already, you really should consider it and get some time back. You might even get some ‘me’ time, which is a treat all in itself.

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