A bit of Origami with a lot of Playfulness


Bang Bang Copenhagen, for cool kids!

We absolutely love Bang Bang Copenhagen for their completely unique style of kids clothing for ages 0 to 9. If you want something that is playful, contemporary, mixed with some fantasy and incredibly distinctive, then you’ll love these designs too. There’s an urban vibe about the clothing that is completely modern and easy to wear.

Bang Bang Copenhagen love play, and according to them it’s a serious business, which of course it is. This playfulness can be seen in each and every one of their collections. They also believe that some grown-ups have forgotten how to be a kid, but they haven’t. So easy to wear and comfort are also top of their list, as they want kids to play on, and they can in these clothes!


According to the Danish designers, Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager, the whole world is a circus, a playground for kids, and this philosophy shines through in everything they do, from oversized jumper dresses, carefree t-shirts, exclusive sweatshirts, funky hats, indie pants, leggings, cool jumpsuits, sailor shorts and slouchy structured harem pants all adorned with Bang Bang Copenhagen’s signature quirky prints and patterns.

One of their special styles they use in their collections is giving their clothing a conceptual look with their origami folding technique, which makes for perfectly comfortable streetwear. The origami folding technique sets them apart from other children’s clothing brands on the market. Besides the unique origami look, their designs are also well-known for their incredible details like stripes, bows, collars and those amazing graphic prints.

They founded the brand in 2008, and it’s been going strong ever since, as they merged their contemporary design with a love of the playful spirit of children. This is the perfect combination in our eyes. Their work is a highly creative, unique and playful collection of clothing with unbelievable attention to detail.


They’ve put fun into function with silhouettes that are perfectly made for children’s body shapes and movement, so they aren’t restricted in play, while looking super cool and trendy at the same time. If you want something quirky, fun and comfortable, then this is your brand. Just looking at their collection makes you want to buy everything they have! And there’s good reason as parents all over the world constantly rate them as a 5 star clothing line. The people have spoken.

They are firm believers in the fact that boys shouldn’t have to wear blue and girls shouldn’t have to wear pink, and we certainly go with that idea. So everything you see will have a blend of colours that will bring out the best features of your precious kids.

Bang Bang Copenhagen is certainly up there on our list of favourite kids clothing and once you see their collections, it will be one of your favourites too!

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