The Top 10 Most Popular Airbnb Listings in the World


Airbnb announced their most popular listings in the world recently in an article that appeared on, written by Pauline Morrissey, Editorial Producer of the website. All pictures courtesy of Airbnb.



The top listing goes to … Photo: Airbnb

Airbnb has recently announced their top-10 most desired listings around the globe and it’s evident holidaymakers are looking for much more than your typical hotel room. Travellers are favouring unique dwellings; secluded cottages, tree houses, igloos, and even one shell-shaped abode.

So, let’s forget about our lack of annual leave and strict budgets for the moment and just sit back, relax, and daydream over these most wish-listed houses up for grabs on Airbnb.


  1. Off-grid house – California, USA


This off-the-grid home is an eco-friendly property that offers serene views in all directions. It brings together raw industrial aesthetics and clever green design amid the sun-baked wilds of the California high desert.

View listing here


  1. Brand new mini loft – Rome, Italy


As the only apartment on the list, this mini-loft in the heart of Rome proves that holidaymakers are still all about location, location, location when it comes to visiting one of the world’s most-visited cities.

View listing here.


  1. Beautiful tree house – Bali, Indonesia


Nicknamed ‘the mushroom villa’ by the locals, after the little ‘shroom-shaped huts, this budget-friendly listing comes with its own turquoise pool. Visiting guests are treated to beautiful views of palm trees and can stroll to the nearby ocean.

View listing here.


  1. Pirates of the Caribbean getaway – California, USA


The Pirates of the Caribbean house has doubled as both a rental and a set for a music video due to its eye-catching decor. The tropical-themed guest house is set on a property filled with waterfalls and swimming pools. There’s even a teepee on site.

View listing here.​


  1. Dome cabin – California, USA


This dome-shaped cabin is hidden in the woods in Aptos, California, its large deck shaded by oak trees. When guests aren’t hiking through the surrounding greenery or enjoy the nearby beach, they can relax under the geodesic dome.

View listing here.


  1. Tuscan treehouse – Monferrato, Italy


Airbnb users are crazy for this tree house overlooking the hills in wine-country, San Salvatore Monferrato, Italy.  Fun fact: the house comes with an old wine cellar that dates back hundreds of years and is still stocked with barrels and the ancient press.

View listing here.


  1. Unique cob cottage – Mayne Island, Canada


Built entirely of natural materials, this cottage on Mayne Island, British Columbia, is a rural retreat. A 20-minute walk from the beach, Airbnb guests say it is like staying inside a sculpture and rave about the fresh eggs and taste of farm life the mini escape provides.

View listing here.


  1. Modern glass tree house – Florence, Italy


Less than 30-minutes from the famous Duomo, this tree house offers a unique way to experience Tuscany. It is situated on an Italian family’s compound, and they’re more than happy to share their kitchen garden and tennis court with guests.

View listing here.


  1. The seashell house – Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Designed as a pair of seashells, this peculiar listing carries the theme both inside and out. Everything from the shower heads to the headboards are crafted out of shells. The property comes with its own pool and there’s also a nearby beach to enjoy.

View listing here.


  1. Secluded in-town tree house – Atlanta, USA


Taking out the number one spot is this dreamy tree house destination where guests can live out their fairytale fantasies, vacancy depending. Consisting of three little tree houses connected by rope bridges and hung with fairy lights, this rustic property has romantic vibes and rave reviews.

View listing here.

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