7 Tips On How To Photograph Your Kids Like A Pro!


Photographing your kids can be a great adventure into their world and we’re here to help you get the best out of your family photo shoots, so they look like the shots belong to professionals. Follow these tips and you’ll be displaying your amazing work all over your home, patting yourself on the back for an awesome job done.

  1. What to Wear

One of the most important things that you need to decide on is what they’re going to wear as this can make or break a photo shoot. Take a look at our online store for some of the most awesome kids clothing curated from around the world to make them look the part as they step out in glorious kids fashion perfect for any shot.

like mother like daughter

You can decide on a theme, use colours or even patterns to help them look the part. You won’t be stuck for ideas with our wide range of clothing available.

  1. Get on their Level

This is without a doubt the top tip to photograph your kids like a pro. It is the best advice you can follow and will make such a big difference to the end product. By getting on their level, they can look into the camera lens head on. Kneel down so that you are at the same height as your kids. It’s important to talk to them and engage with them before shooting, but have that camera ready and waiting to capture the perfect shot. When the time is right, lift up the camera and ask them if they can see something like a bird or some trees, or even any magical things in your lens to get that direct eye contact.

Image Credit: https://www.photigy.com

Image Credit: https://www.photigy.com


Remember that photography is like a visual language and the angle that you shoot from is part of the story that you’re telling. Think of composition and make sure that each choice that you make should form part of the story that you’re telling.

  1. Go Over Their Shoulders

over shoulder

This is another great tip for getting eye-catching shots. You are already on their level, but now you can move around them and have a look at what they’re doing. Use some props like toys or things that interest them to get them engaged in an activity. Immerse yourself in their world and let the camera see what they see and tell the story.

  1. Go Low

shooting baby

So you’ve made it down to your knees, now go even lower. A great tip to get amazing pictures is to lie down. You’ll be amazed at what the world looks like from this level. If you’re shooting babies, this can be particularly helpful as they have tummy time and you can get some great shots. What about that mountain of toys on the playroom floor? You think it looks bad from where you are standing? It is massive from up here, but take a look at it from the floor and it can create an absolutely brilliant backdrop to a shot as you shoot them while they engage with their toys.

  1. Get a Bird’s Eye View


Another great option is to actually get a bird’s eye view and seeing their world from above. Climb up above your kids and shoot them while they’re doing different things – you could use mealtime, naptime, playtime or even story time and get something amazing back. You can literally use this for anything they’re doing. If you’re brave enough you can balance on things like bath tubs, crib railings or even dinner tables to catch those precious moments. Just be careful!

  1. Use Reflections


Image credit: https://twolfgcd.wordpress.com


You can use reflections and have a lot of fun with these. You can use them so that you can get in on the shot too with your kids and also you can capture expressions when they don’t know that the camera is not focused on them. You don’t need mirrors all over, but look around the house and you’ll be amazed at all the shiny things you can use for shooting with reflections.

  1. Far Away


Yes, we’ve told you to go close, and these can produce amazing shots, but another great tip is to actually move further away from your kids to capture them in their ‘big world’. Let them breathe in the photos, watch them running, jumping or playing and feature them in their world. This gives you a different perspective to the close up shots and can also make some great memories.

If you follow these 7 tips to photograph your kids like a pro, you’ll be amazed at what you can do!


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