The Best Birthday Cakes for Kids from Instagram


Your child’s birthday is coming up and cake is on your mind! Whether you’ve been watching too much Cake Boss, have been practicing your Martha Stewart ways or are just on a DIY kick, you’re primed and ready to bake your child’s birthday cake this year. Now what? We searched high and low on Instagram to find some of social media’s best cakes for kids. While we found plenty of fancy fondant-covered goodies that rivaled anything you’ll see on the Food Network, we stuck with the fun, creative and crafty baked goods that are fit for those of you who won’t be applying for Top Chef Just Desserts anytime soon.

Go beyond the box and whip up one of these cakes that the kiddos will marvel at!

Imagine what would happen if Candyland came to life and turned itself into one rainbow-colored cake. Lollipops, chocolates and even popcorn, oh my!

Sometimes the b-day festivities don’t require a full sheet cake. Celebrate your superhero with a comic-themed cupcake!

Turn yellow cake into a bun, add a frosting filling and cook up a surgery burger for your child’s birthday cookout.

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A cake with a cone on top? Yes, ma’am. This melty looking confection is cute and cool at the same time!

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Candy cravers will get a kick out of this chocolatey M&M cake.

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Your little one pounces all over the popcorn at the moves. Add the salty treat to the sweet chocolate of this creative combo.

It looks smooth and sleek from the outside, by hides a special surprise! This rainbow layered cake is actually a candy-filled piñata too.

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Not only is it topped with the cookies, but cake also looks like a massive Oreo too!

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It looks like your child’s favorite dinner-time dish, but it’s actually a red velvet cake in disguise.

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If the carton is your child’s favorite, this imaginatively adorable cake is an artistic way of saying, “Happy Birthday!”

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Now that you’ve got a few awesome Instagram ideas, let us know what you decided to do for your child’s big birthday bash. Did you bake a piñata cake, or maybe you chose an ice cream dream? Show us, so that we can inspire others with your DIY sweet treat! Submit your kids’ birthday cake photos to us at for us to share.

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