How to Throw a Tea Party

How to Throw a Tea Party
A young girl having a tea party with her baby dolls

If you have a little one who would rather crash your monthly book club with the ladies than play alone her room, she might be interested in a tea party. A tea party is a great way to introduce children to the concept of hosting, planning, and etiquette.

Just like it’s good to take your children out to eat so learn how to share space in public settings, it’s great for kids to learn how to enjoy the company of their friends in a quieter, more formal setting. And finally, who doesn’t love dressing up?

Here we have provided some tips for introducing your child to tea parties before she takes the plunge and wants to host one for a her friends.

How to Throw a Tea Party

5 Tips for Hosting a Tea Party for Kids

1. Find a tea set for children.

If you’re not crazy about having your little one practice with your grandmother’s heirloom tea set, there are plenty of options to choose from. IKEA, for example, sells an adorable and affordable children’s tea set to start with. The set even includes a pot for sugar and small pitcher for cream. The store also carries a small inexpensive ceramic teapot so she can practice pouring.

The most important thing to look for in a tea set for your child is that the set is sized correctly for her to handle. It also helps if the tea set isn’t so expensive that you stress about her dropping a cup or a saucer. Toddlers even enjoy practicing pouring water and walking while carrying a full cup.

2. Select tea that is safe for kids.

First, children are likely to prefer a weaker tea (steeped only for 2 to 4 minutes) sweetened with a bit of sugar or honey. Sugar cubes or honey sticks are a good way to control how much sugar your child adds to her drink. It’s also a good idea to serve the tea at a lukewarm temperature or even chilled as the flavors will be more mellow and it will be easier to drink.

Choose caffeine-free herbal teas such as chamomile, chocolate mint rooibos, or hibiscus. Hibiscus is especially fun because the bright, electric pink color of the tea resembles that of a fruit punch. Fruit teas are another great option for color and flavor. Kid-approved favorites include: mango, passion fruit, raspberry, blueberry, and peach.

3. Get your child involved in planning a tea party.

Children should see how much effort goes into hosting a party (for example all those birthday parties!) and a tea party is a light way to introduce her to the idea of planning one. Even if it’s just the two of you and grandma, let her be an active participant:

  • Invitations. If other family or friends are attending, have her pick out invitations and put them in mail or make grandma a handmade invite. If she’s still too small to fully grasp this concept, leave an invitation to the tea party in her room for her to open the morning of. Even if it’s just the two of you, kids love receiving mail and it will make the afternoon feel special.


  • Party decor. Let her pick out a tablecloth, cloth napkins, or flowers for the centerpiece. This is also a great time to show her how to set a table. She’ll feel like a big girl for contributing.

4. Tea party food for kids.

Tea party fare somewhere between brunch and a continental breakfast. For young children on a nap schedule, it might be best to have the tea party during lunch. Unless your little one is particularly adventurous, don’t stress yourself with cucumber sandwiches. Instead serve sandwiches she likes, maybe on different breads if you’d like to mix it up. Cut the sandwiches into small wedges or cut them into fun little shapes with cookie cutters.

Serve a small assortment of cookies such as shortbread and thumbprint. You can also bake or pick up mini muffins or cupcakes. Serve it all on the serveware you normally reserve for Christmas or Thanksgiving to give the meal a special feel.

Tea Party Dresses, Designer Girls Dresses

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5. Tea party dresses!

Finally, the fun part — dressing up! Wear your frilliest frock and encourage her to do the same. Get dressed up together for the party. Let her wear one of your necklaces or maybe a touch of your lipgloss or perfume. Tutus, floral prints, and lace are highly encouraged as are party shoes!

The idea of a tea party is to spend some intimate time with your loved ones while you catch up and laugh. Your daughter will love being one of the big girls and you two will be hosting together in no time!

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