Don’t just sit there. Start Getting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. It’s time to get ready for the fun. Here at Angelibebe we’re joining in to give you some amazing specials on all our kids’ fashionwear.

Here’s some history regarding Black Friday and Cyber Monday and where they came from, plus we’re going to be busting some myths too.


Where does Black Friday come from?

  • It wasn’t called Black Friday until the 1960’s, and even then it has only been popularly known for the last two decades. Over this time, the tradition has spread all over the world, not being just an American tradition anymore.
  • In the 1960’s Black Friday was synonymous with major retail stores like Macy’s and Eaton’s that would sponsor parades, which would always happen on the day after Thanksgiving and were part of Christmas advertising campaigns.
  • By the 1930s, the Friday after Thanksgiving marked the official start of the Christmas shopping season.
  • But retailers weren’t too happy with the length of the Christmas shopping season on Novembers where the last Thursday was the fifth Thursday in the month. At that time Thanksgiving was always on the last Thursday of November.
  • So, to extend the Christmas shopping hours, people protested and in 1939 President Roosevelt changed the official date of Thanksgiving to be on the second to last Thursday in November. But that didn’t last long as officials stepped in and eventually Black Friday was changed to the fourth Thursday of November.

How did Black Friday get its Name?

In the 1960’s it wasn’t a particularly popular term until around the last 20 years. In the 1980’s retailers weren’t too happy about the negative connotations of Black Friday.


A very popular origin, which is well accepted, is that Philadelphia police officers, bus drivers and taxi drivers all dreaded the day as there were major traffic problems.

Black Friday Interesting Facts

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday has taken the world by storm, and is no longer just an American tradition. In fact it has been widely spread over many parts of the world including the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Canada and Australia.
  • executives came up with the bright idea for Cyber Monday, which would keep shoppers at home, buying online for the ultimate convenience!
  • Nearly 135 million people go out to shop on Black Friday every year in the US.
  • In 2010 212 million shoppers spent $39billion for an average spending amount of $365.34


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