Why Should You Travel the World with Your Children Now!


Many people believe that when they have children their travelling days are over, but this is simply not true. Travel has many benefits for children and it can be an incredibly rewarding experience to enjoy together as a family. Of course, travelling with little ones is much different than backpacking around the world as a solo 20-something. However, even though it is slightly more challenging and you will need to be more organised, it’s absolutely worth travelling with your kids.

Here are some of the many benefits of travelling around the world with your little ones.

Your Kids Will Get Some Perspective

When you travel to a different country, especially a developing country, your kids will see that no everyone has large houses with televisions, Xboxes and SUVs. They will see families living in shanty towns and children their age begging for money and they will start to get a global perspective. Often we don’t realise how lucky we are because our existence is all we have ever known. Seeing how others live around the world will teach your children not to take for granted what they have and perhaps it will even inspire compassion in them to help others and give back.

They will Learn Patience

Travel teaches patience, no matter how old you are. Buses will take longer to reach their destination than planned, planes will be delayed and simple interactions can be more complicated than they would be back home. In these situations you can get frustrated, or you can take a deep breath, realise there isn’t much you can do and simply roll with it. The ability to do this is a very important life skill that will help your kids deal with any inconveniences and setbacks in life.

They Are Likely to Pick Up another Language

The mind of a young child is like a sponge, they are eager to learn and they will soak up everything they are exposed to. If they are learning another language in school already, travelling to a country where that language is spoken will accelerate their learning immensely. They will be immersed in the language and you will be amazed by how quickly they learn.

They Will Meet Children from Other Cultures

When your kids make friends with others while travelling they will be learning how to relate to someone who might be very different than them. Accepting others without judgement and connecting with others from other cultures is a very valuable lesson to learn.

Very Small Children Are Quite Portable

Traveling with a baby is easier than you think, as these little ones are quite easy to carry around. You can simply wear them in a carrier and you will be free to walk around the city streets or go for a hike while they happily sleep. Of course, babies require a few accessories such as bottles, nappies and spare clothes, but those can be packed efficiently in an easy to carry bag or backpack.

Many Cultures Love Children

In many countries around the world children are prized and adored and your little ones will be embraced with open arms. They will happily run and play with the other children and they will get smiles and hugs from the adults.

You will be Creating Wonderful Family Travel Memories

Whether you take your little ones to Thailand, Turkey or Texas the experiences that you have will become amazing travel memories that your family can look back on for many years. There will be stories that you tell for many years and precious photos and videos that you will love to look at again and again. Your children are only young for a short time and one day they will be independent adults living their own lives, so why not create these amazing memories together while you can.

The World is the Best Classroom

Your children will learn about the geography of the planet, understand time zones, experience different weather, see different currencies, try new foods, spot exotic animals and much more. These are experiential lessons that they will never forget, as they are much more memorable than reading the information in a text book at school.

These are just a few of the many reasons why travelling the world with your children will be an incredibly valuable experience. The journey won’t always be easy and there might be bumps along the road, but the lessons they learn, the experiences you share and the bond you create as a family will be absolutely worth it. Why not start planning a travel adventure with your little ones today?

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