The Cambodian Children’s Fund


Cambodia is a beautiful destination with colourful culture, gorgeous landscapes, friendly people and a troubled yet fascinating history. Alongside this beauty, there is also unfortunately a significant level of poverty. Although this kingdom is rich in natural resources, decades of internal conflict and war have left it struggling.

There are still many landmines strewn throughout the countryside of Cambodia, a remnant of past strife. These landmines are a major obstacle to agricultural development and productivity is very low. This means that two thirds of households in Cambodia suffer from food shortages every year.

The poor people of Cambodia are usually members of impoverished fishing communities, homeless people and rural youth as well as mine victims and internally displaced people. Women in these groups do not have access to land ownership, paid employment and education- as well as not having adequate health services. Often women are forced to take care of their entire household, after the male of the home is killed in conflict. These poor people live in isolated areas and they must travel a long way to reach health clinics and other basic social services.

What to Look for in a Charity Organisation?

When you are seeking a charity organisation to donate to, it is important to look carefully at the organisation and how they operate so that you can make sure that you are giving your money to a reputable source. Look for a charity that has good financial practices, a strong mission statement ad a lot of transparency about how it distributes its funds. Do some research online to learn more about each charity and whether or not they are authentic.

What is the Cambodian Children’s Fund?

The Cambodian Children’s Fund is a fund that aims to provide life-changing education, healing and nourishment to vulnerable children from some of the most destitute communities in Cambodia. This organisation makes a big difference in the lives of many less fortunate people in this beautiful country.


This organisation was founded in 2004 and when it started it was responsible for caring for 87 young people. Today it has expanded and the organisation cares for more than 2,000 students and 10,000 people annually. CCF was founded by Scott Neeson, who travelled to Cambodia on a vacation in 2003 and witnessed what the lives of impoverished Cambodian children were like.

The organisation offers health care, education, safe shelter and nutrition and these elements work together like the four walls of a house. CCF focuses on strengthening the community and each family, so that parents will be able to lift themselves from poverty. It ensures that children have access to education and that they will not be responsible for caring for their siblings.

What Does the Cambodian Children’s Fund Do?

So what does this charity do in order to improve the lives of children living in poverty in Cambodia? CCF strives to change the lives of a significant number of families by creating programs that ensure positive social change. By providing job training, leadership development, education and healthcare they are increasing the ability of families to rise out of poverty and build a better life for their children.

Education Programs


Education can be a powerful lifeline to lift children out of poverty, giving them more possibilities for the future. Many of the children that CCF helps arrive with almost no education and cannot read or write. Some have been in the public school system, but have been let down by poor materials and teacher-to-student ratios.

Childcare Programs

CCF also offers childcare programs for kids who cannot live at home with their parents due to social problems such as substance abuse, alcoholism and violence. They sometimes have to remove children from dangerous situations and they do not do this lightly, but when it is necessary they offer residential care where the children can thrive and grow.

Healthcare Programs

Many poor rural families in Cambodia are not able to afford healthcare, so one visit to the doctor can cause them to plunge deeply into debt. CCF offers healthcare for children as well as the entire community. They focus on improving nutrition and preventing diseases and they are able to treat everything from common problems to chronic illnesses.

Community Outreach Programs


The Community Outreach Programs that CCF offers reach out to communities in need and bring new hope to children and families that have no other sources of support. People who are living in garbage dumps in extreme poverty are able to access the community outreach centre and obtain all basic needs including fresh water, food, counselling and family assistance.

Vocation Training Programs

The CCF also offers vocation training programs, in which students focus on their careers and futures. The program helps to channel students into their area of interest, so that they can choose the career that suits them best. They will learn a range of skills that will help them to become independent and self-sufficient.

With these programs and more, the Cambodian Children’s Fund strives to create a better future for Cambodian children and their families. If you are not able to give a cash donation there are other ways that you could get involved, such as volunteering. To find out more about what they do and how you can help, visit the website at

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