Celebrity Kids Fashion for All


Little fashionistas step out with their famous parents looking truly inspiring and gorgeous too! It is any little girls dream to feel like a celebrity and feel like a princess at the same time, and now it’s possible for your little one to feel ultra-special and follow the look of childhood stars!

We’ve hand-picked Tutu Du Monde as a shining star in the celebrity kids fashion world, turning your child’s fairy-tale dreams into a reality. With luxurious tutu’s, magical dresses, astounding capes and hear accessories that will turn heads. Tutu Du Monde has literally taken the world by storm since its humble beginnings in 2009.

Jessica and Honor Alba

Jessica and Honor Alba

Nicole Richie and Harlow Madden

Nicole Richie and Harlow Madden

The rich and famous are flocking to Tutu Du Monde for their completely unique, exquisitely hand-crafted to perfection dresses and accessories. You might happen to bump into a star if you’re shopping for this world-renowned children’s clothing brand. You could bump shoulders with Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Tiffani Thiesen, Sarah Murdoch, Isla Fisher, Rebecca Romijn, Jessica Simpson, Ali Landry, Jessica Rown, Alessandro Ambrosia and even P.Diddy. That’s quite a line-up of stars who are lining up for Tutu Du Monde’s unbelievable girls’ clothing range. Your child will certainly be stepping out in style, wearing the elegant clothing of the stars. Imagine her delight at being a mini-celebrity and princess all at once! But of course you don’t need to be rich and famous to own one of these dazzling creations, it’s right there ready for you to make your little girl very happy indeed.


Tutu Du Monde is certainly unique in every piece of clothing that is designed with only excellence in mind. This amazing kids fashion brand was born when owner and designer Andrea’s little girl asked for a tutu. She was inspired to create something totally different, feeling that the hot-pink polyester tutus were certainly not what she wanted for her daughter. So she got on with creating something so distinctive and special. Her hands-on approach has led her down the path of designing a clothing selection that has the look and feel of exclusive vintage garments. But she also wanted these special creations to last for generations to come, and this drove her to create garments that lasted and would keep treasured memories alive. Putting your little girl in these unbelievable garments will bring pure joy to their lives, letting their imaginations soar. They can be worn and celebrated for years to come and only get better with age, as they fade slightly and the edges fray, adding to their captivating look.

Each garment has the look and feel of French ballet costumes, and they are hand-crafted and hand-dyed with an old-world charming look. Think dusty pale shades, silk, sparkly sequins, delicate crystal beads and tufts of feathers. They are made with natural cotton, the finest tulle and silk organza. This is the stuff that little girls’ dreams are made of. They are designed in Australia and then hand-made by a group of dedicated and passionate women in India, who have learnt their art from generations before them, mastering their style and passionate about what they do. Each garment is completely a one-of-a-kind!

So get your kids to step out in style, live out their fantasies and their dreams and become a fairy-tale princess with Tutu Du Monde!

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