Looking for a Fantastic Good Friday Getaway?


Easter is a great time to take a weekend getaway with your kids, so if you feel like “hopping” out of town it’s time to start planning your travels. During this time many kid-friendly resorts will roll back their prices and there are likely to be plenty of great Easter-themed events.

Here are some tips for planning your family trip, as well as ideas for the best Easter getaways around the world.

Planning Your Trip

Planning a family trip can be a nightmare sometimes, especially since getting kids organised and hitting the road is like trying to herd together several deranged cats. There are millions of things that can go wrong – and at least a few thousand of them will! Make sure you smile, don’t expect things to be perfect and just roll with it – these are the family memories that you will embarrass them with hilariously in front of their prom dates a few years from now.
The first thing to decide is where you are going and how you will travel there. While taking a road trip can be a lot of fun, you might want to travel further and make the most of your time by flying. Check flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – those are the times when you will find the best deals. Also, if you have a large family consider seating them in small groups of two or three, as you will usually find cheaper rates than if you all sit together.
Make sure you consider how your children will be able to handle a long flight – and how you will be able to handle them as well! An on-board pack of books, games and toys makes for a distracted child – who is much less likely to start playing the drums on the head of the person sitting in front of you.
When you are choosing your accommodation, look for kid friendly hotels that have TV in the room and a swimming pool. It is best to choose a suite, which will have more room and a separate sleeping and television area for the kids. Better yet, look for self-catering accommodations so that you have the option of making your own meals and you don’t have the hassle of trying to make your little ones sit still at a restaurant every time they are hungry.
Choose your accommodation carefully, it can really make or break your weekend getaway! To get an idea of what the hotel or apartment is like, make sure that you read the online reviews from other travellers.

Make it More Fun for the Little Ones

Make your Good Friday weekend getaway special for your children by including special games and activities on the trip. You can hide chocolate eggs around the hotel room or apartment and let your children find them. Also, to keep them busy on the flight or in the car you can bring along Eastern themed crafts, colouring books and activities. Bring a few brand new books about Easter to read before bed, it’s always fun to read a new story for the first time and keeping storytime routines the same as home will help your little ones to feel calm and relaxed in a different bed.

You can also bring along some yummy Easter treats, such as chocolate eggs and candy bunnies. However, dole out the sugary sweets in small doses and take some tasty and healthy snacks as well, such as fruit and nuts. Too much sugar and your little ones will using the hotel beds as trampolines.

Where to Go?

So where should you go for your Good Friday weekend getaway? There are a lot of fantastic family holiday destinations around the world, so here are some ideas:

Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

Image source from adonnermeyerwriter.wordpress.com

Image source from adonnermeyerwriter.wordpress.com

Does your family have a sweet tooth? The town of Hershey, PA is the home of Hershey Park, a family theme park run by the Hershey Chocolate Company. You and your family can take a chocolate factory tour, splash and play at the waterpark, tour the zoo or ride one of the thrilling roller coasters. The Hershey Lodge is a hotel just outside the park and it offers excellent Easter weekend activities and events including egg hunts, cookie decorating, character appearances, bingo, s’mores and much more.


Image Source from shba.org.sg

Image Source from www.shba.org.sg

On the Sentosa Harbourfront in Singapore you can take part in the Giant Egg Hunt, which attracts more than 1500 eager egg hunters every year. 100 giant eggs are hidden throughout the area, each measuring one metre tall and uniquely painted by a local artist, school or charity group. Those who found the eggs were rewarded with special prizes. There will also be plenty of other exciting events, including baking courses, performances and special Easter brunches – jump right in and join the fun!

Seville, Spain

Image source from casaolea.com

Image source from casaolea.com

Andalucia has some of the most exciting and elaborate Easter celebrations of any region in Spain. 52 different religious brotherhoods parade through the streets of Seville for the entire Holy Week and the processions continue for nearly 24 hours. The event finally cumulates in the jubilation of the resurrection, which includes dancing in the streets and floats covered in flowers.
These are just a few wonderful destinations around the world where you can celebrate Easter with your family.

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